Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Is Hotter Than Nicki Minaj

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Is Hotter Than Nicki MinajiDo you think Search Engine Optimization is a subject that is hotter than Nicki Minaj? Well you betta believe it.

We all need our Online Web Business to rank and dominate the search engines, but the underlining question is how do we do it? All Nicki Minaj has to do is shape up her new body and she can be on page 1 of Google, so what about us?

Firstly here comes a slap give up on trying to be on Page 1 of Google and focus on ranking your Business website. So in this post I’m going to outline exactly how you should focus your efforts when it comes to search engine optimization. This search engine optimization tutorial will outlay the exact steps you need to take…………..

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Darth Vaders Guide To Viral Video Marketing

Darth Vaders Guide To Viral Video MarketingDo you use Viral Video Marketing as part your strategy to grow your online business? If not, you need to get on the viral video marketing campaign NOW!

Video is not new in marketing, it’s the now marketing! Fast forward 2 years from now and I bet that instead of people reading an article they will be watching a video instead of reading an article on any subject matter you can imagine.

It is predicted by 2017 viral video marketing will account more than 69% of consumer traffic according to Cisco that is a staggering prediction, but one you need to take seriously. Why would you want to use video marketing as part of your content strategy?…………..

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What Rachel Green Taught Me About Online Marketing Basics

What Rachel Green Taught Me About Online Marketing BasicsWhen you have your Internet Business finally set up and are ready to launch, you need to consider how you are going to market your business. Are you going to use a combination of offline and online strategies, or will you focus only on offline or soley online?

This where you need to seriously understand online marketing basics. Please don’t go rushing off to any Marketing Agencies and start spending money before your business hasn’t even started to generate any revenue and income. Now most of you will think I have to rank my Internet Business in Google, but seriously STOP!…………..

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The Top 8 Of What’s Trending In Digital Marketing

The Top 8 Of Whats Trending In Digital MarketingWe are going to expose what’s trending in Digital Marketing by the top influencers in the Internet and Social Media Marketing world…………..

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How To Create Infographics That Don’t Suck

how to create infographics that dont suckSo you are keen to start using Infographics in your Digital Marketing Campaigns to drive organic traffic to your website. That’s great, but do you have the money to get your infographics created for you to use blog posts and social media updates?

Do you know that the cost to get an infographic created starts at $1,000.00 and upwards. Pretty ferkin expensive if you ask me, and I’m not prepared to fork out that sort of coin for an imag………….

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The Top 15 PLR Products To Make You Money

The top 15 PLR Products To Make You MoneyHave you ever considered using PLR products to help you grow your online web business and make money online? Well if you haven’t then you are missing out on a great opportunity!

Firstly what does PLR actually stand for? “Private Label Rights” This is where someone has created a product and it could be an ebook, video course, audio course, white paper report it can literally be anything on any subject matter that you could imagine. The product creator then licenses and sells this for a price and gives you the right to use, brand and market as your own product………….

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What Is A Sales Funnel

What Is A Sales FunnelNo matter whether you have an online web business or a brick and mortar business you need to understand what is a sales funnel, and how a sales funnel drives targeted leads and prospects through the buying process for your products, goods and services………….

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