The Insiders Guide On How To Do Keyword Research 2016

The Insiders Guide On How To Do Keyword Research 2016

The Insiders Guide On How To Do Keyword











How do you complete your keyword research for your web business? I bet you jump straight into google keyword planner, type in your keyword and take what keyword planner suggests. But this is not the way to do keyword research in 2016 if you want to get your web business ranked.

And I’m not talking about ranking on page 1 of google for a specific keyword. I’m talking about ranking for keywords that are relevant to your niche market, the market place in which your web business is in.

We want to find high profitable converting keywords that are going to blow your competition out of the water, and what I’m about to expose your competition will not even know about.

This is the underground of how you should be doing your keyword research in 2016.

So please move away from google keyword planner, and this is why. Google keyword planner gives you close variations to the keyword you put into it when you are completing your keyword research. So if you put in the keyword phrase “how to get fit”, google will give close variations to this, see the example below:

how to do keyword research 2016


What we are looking for are keywords that are related to the “fitness niche” like nutrition, or exercise programs. In addition do you think for a moment, that if someone else is using google keyword planner that they are not getting the exact same keyword results? This same information is being delivered to your competition, and this is bad from a business point of view.

Please use an excel spread sheet or word document to collate the keywords that you find using our underground tactics. And I will give you instructions on what to do with this at the end of this post.

So here are my underground tactics to find keywords.

# 1. Google Related Searches

How many times do you scroll to the bottom of a google page? Not very often I bet. But this is one of those times that you will want to. Because google related searches gives you suggestions based on your keywords typed into google searches. So in our case we were looking at “how to get fit”. I typed this into google search and these are the google related searches I was given at the bottom of the page.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.48.16 am


You can see we are presented with a few long tail related searches, such as “how to get fit and healthy” or “how to get fit at home without equipment”. Google related searches is very powerful when it comes to your keyword research. Also great when you are looking for generating compelling headlines for your blogs or video titles as well.

# 2. Forums

Many internet marketers will tell you that forums are an out dated process when it comes to conducting keyword research, but personally I find them a gold mine. So keep this one under your belt.

Simply do a google search for your keyword + forum or keyword + board. What we are looking for are threads that are active. This is where people are communicating with one another and looking for solutions to problems that they can’t find the information online.

Plus, this is where your target audiences are hanging out. So for those internet marketers who say forums are dead. Great for us!

# 3. Quora is an online question and answer site. This again is extremely powerful when it comes to keyword research and so much more…..

You simply type your keyword in the search bar, and again I used “how to get fit” and you are presented with all the topics and threads that are in the discussion. These are topics that people are interested in, which means people are seaching google for this information.

Better even still, if you become active on a site like Quora and start answering questions which are helpful and provide a wealth of information, it is a great way to build your authority ship in your market place.

Just think of the number of leads you could drive back to your website. But remember a site like Quora is not where you start spaming with affiliate links and garbage.

how to find laser targeted keywords


# 4. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups bet you never thought of LinkedIn groups as a way to source keywords. Think of LinkedIn groups much like Quora.

You will need a LinkedIn account and it is free to sign up. I stress though that you will need to have a pretty professional profile in place before you start to interact with the LinkedIn groups. You can find out how to set up your professional LinkedIn profile here.

Once you have got your LinkedIn profile set up, head to the search bar and you will see that there you will see a drop down menu. Click on groups.




best ways to conduct keyword research


Type in your keyword and LinkedIn will present you will all the groups that are related to your keyword search term.

how to use linkedin for keyword research


Now when it comes to LinkedIn Groups there are a few things you need to be on the look out for, and they are:

# Number of members.

# Is the group active with discussions.

# Is the group littered with spam?

# Do you need to register to be approved by the group administrator. Is it an open or closed group?

# What are the rules for the group.

# How many groups are you prepared to join and participate in.

# LinkedIn Groups is not for spaming.

When it comes to participation in groups, you need to think of your time management and how you can be a contributer to the group.

# 5. Amazon

How about Amazon? Even considered to look at Amazon to find some juicy keywords? Amazon is a great place to gauge what is trending hot in your market place. Again I bet your competition doesn’t know about this one either.

Head on over to Amazon and type in your keyword phrase in the search bar, we want to look at the book section or you get choose the kindle section or check out all categories.

how to do keyword research 2015


Take a look at the headlines of the books and reviews. This will give you some wonderful long tail keywords that you can rank for.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.46.27 am


Ok so that is my top 5 underground tactics to find keywords. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that you need to collect your keyword data.

You take those keywords and now put them into google keyword tool and summarise the following information for each individual keyword or phrase.

# Find new keywords. You will need to customise according to your keyword objective.

how to conduct keyword research in 2016


# If you are planning on using paid advertising, then you will want to set your budget (cost per click) and get keyword insight on the keywords to use within your campaign.

how much does keyword research cost

So there you have the Insiders Guide On How To Do Keyword Research 2016. Now the only mix to all of this is that google will mix up their algorithms, but that’s ok. It keeps us on our toes. Do you have any stellar tips you can throw into the discussion on how you conduct your keyword research outside of using the google keyword planner?

If so we’d love to hear from ya!

how to do keyword research on steriods


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I love the creativity and diversity of the Internet. I am passionate to share my experiences through my site Biz Lab Online has been developed to provide training in all areas of the Internet to help beginners and intermediates learn the fundamentals about starting an Internet Business and Career.